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About Dr. Shaffer

Dr. ShafferDr. Shaffer is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University and the Palmer College of Chiropractic (Summa Cum Laude). He is an award-winning Doctor of Chiropractic, past president of the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association, and life-long resident of Clinton county. He is also a Diplomate American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedists and a Fellow of the Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists. Dr. Shaffer enjoys fishing, hunting, mountain biking and tennis. He is also an avid badminton player.

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What is chiropractic medicine?

Doctors of Chiropractic are non-surgical spine and extremity specialists who work with the knowledge that the brain is the master organ controlling every body function by nerve impulses traveling down the spinal cord and out through the peripheral nerves to the cells of your body. If there are restrictions to these nerve impulses by lack of motion in the spinal joints or extremities, the result can be pain, stiffness or altered function of the area of the body that nerve supplies.

Chiropractors find the restricted areas of the spine and extremities, and through manipulation (or adjusting) of those areas, restore proper motion and function of the nerve impulses and therefore restore proper function to the body part that was not functioning properly.

Home Exercises

These 3 stretches should be performed while flat on your back, preferably in a bed. They can be done as often as you like.

  1. Pull one knee up to the chest, as far as possible without pain. Hold this stretch continuously (no bouncing) for 30 seconds. There should be no pain with this stretch – do not pull the leg up to the point where it hurts. (If you cannot reach your knee, you can place a towel under the thigh to pull the leg up.)
    ** Repeat with the opposite leg**
  2. Go back to the first leg, and pull it up to the chest as before, but this time pull it toward the opposite shoulder. (For example, if you’re stretching the right leg, pull it toward the left shoulder.) Hold this continuously for 30 seconds. This stretch may cause a slight burning sensation in the buttock, which is normal. Do not pull the leg to the point of sharp pain. Again, if you cannot hold your knee, a towel can be placed under the thigh to pull the leg up.
    **Repeat with the opposite leg**
  3. Bend both knees and place both feet flat on the bed. Keeping the shoulders against the bed, gently rock both knees from side to side. Do not go far enough to cause any pain. Do this 10 times on each side.

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